Package and patch installation in non-global zones

To ensure that the package and patch updates applied to Veritas products in the global zone are also propagated to the non-global zone, ensure that the non-global zones are in a bootable state (installed/running). For example, to update the software installed in a system, the file system housing the root directory of the non-global zone needs to be mounted and the disk group housing the non-global zone needs to be online at the time that you run patchadd, pkgadd, or the CPI installation scripts.

If VRTSodm is part of the package installation, all non-global zones must be booted and in a running state at the time of package installation. If the non-global zones are not booted, you may need to reinstall the VRTSodm package manually after booting the non-global zones.

For Live Upgrade, if the alternative root environment also has a zone, you cannot install VRTSodm. You must remove the VRTSodm package, then install the Veritas products. After you reboot into the alternative zone, you can install VRTSodm.