VCS command line reference

Cluster operations

Command line

Start VCS 

hastart [-force] | -stale system_name

hasys -force system_name

Stop VCS 


hastop -local [-force|-evacuate]

hastop -sys system_name [-force|-evacuate]

hastop -all [-force]

Enable/disable read-write access to VCS configuration 

haconf -makerw

haconf -dump -makero

Add user  

hauser -add user_name

Service group and resource operations

Command line

Configure service groups 

hagrp -add |-delete group_name

hagrp -modify group attribute value

hagrp -link parent_group child_group

dependency firm | soft

Configure resources 


hares -add resource type group_name

hares -delete resource_name

hares -modify resource attribute value

hares -link parent_resource child_resource

Configure agents or resource types 

hatype -modify type attribute value

Bring service groups online and take them offline 

hagrp -online service_group -sys system_name

hagrp -offline service_group -sys


Bring resources online and take them offline 

hares -online resource_name -sys system_name

hares -offline resource_name -sys


Freezing/unfreezing service groups 

hagrp -freeze group_name [-persistent]

hagrp -unfreeze group_name [-persistent]

Freezing/unfreezing systems 

hasys -freeze [-persistent][-evacuate]


hasys -unfreeze [-persistent] system_name

Status and verification

Command line

Cluster status 

hastatus -summary

LLT status/verification 


lltconfig -a list


lltstat -nvv

GAB status/verification 

gabconfig -a


Command line

Starting and stopping LLT 

lltconfig -c

lltconfig -U

Starting and stopping GAB 

gabconfig -c -n seed_number

gabconfig -U

System operations

Command line

List systems in a cluster 

hasys -list

Retrieve detailed information about each system 

hasys -display system_name