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Troubleshooting VCS startup

This section includes error messages associated with starting VCS (shown in bold text), and provides descriptions of each error and the recommended action.

"VCS:10622 local configuration missing"

"VCS:10623 local configuration invalid"

The local configuration is invalid.

Recommended Action: Start the VCS engine, HAD, on another system that has a valid configuration file. The system with the configuration error "pulls" the valid configuration from the other system.

Another method is to correct the configuration file on the local system and force VCS to reread the configuration file. If the file appears valid, verify that is not an earlier version.

Type the following commands to verify the configuration:

# cd /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config

# hacf -verify .

"VCS:11032 registration failed. Exiting"

GAB was not registered or has become unregistered.

Recommended Action: GAB is registered by the gabconfig command in the file /etc/gabtab. Verify that the file exists and that it contains the command
gabconfig -c.

GAB can become unregistered if LLT is set up incorrectly. Verify that the configuration is correct in /etc/llttab. If the LLT configuration is incorrect, make the appropriate changes and reboot.

"Waiting for cluster membership."

This indicates that GAB may not be seeded. If this is the case, the command gabconfig -a does not show any members, and the following messages may appear on the console or in the event log.

GAB: Port a registration waiting for seed port membership

GAB: Port h registration waiting for seed port membership