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Switching the service group back to the primary

You can switch the service group back to the primary after resolving the fault at the primary site. Before switching the application to the primary site, you must resynchronize any changed data from the active Secondary site since the failover. This can be done manually through VVR or by running a VCS action from the RVGPrimary resource.

 To switch the service group when the primary site has failed and the secondary did a takeover

  1. In the Service Groups tab of the configuration tree, right-click the resource.
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Specify the details of the action:
    1. From the Action list, choose fbsync.
    2. Click the system on which to execute the action.
    3. Click OK.

      This begins a fast-failback of the replicated data set. You can monitor the value of the ResourceInfo attribute for the RVG resource to determine when the resynchronization has completed.

  4. Once the resynchronization completes, switch the service group to the primary cluster.
    1. In the Service Groups tab of the Cluster Explorer configuration tree, right-click the service group.
    2. Click Switch To, and click Remote switch.
    3. In the Switch global group dialog box, click the cluster to switch the group. Click the specific system, or click Any System, and click OK.