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Administering resources

 To take action on a resource across clusters

# hares -action resource token [-actionargs arg1 ...] [-sys 

[-clus cluster | -localclus]

The option -clus implies resources on the cluster. If the designated system is not part of the local cluster, an error is displayed. If the -sys option is not used, it implies resources on the local node.

 To invoke the Info entry point across clusters

# hares -refreshinfo resource [-sys system] [-clus cluster


Causes the Info entry point to update the value of the ResourceInfo resource level attribute for the specified resource if the resource is online. If no system or remote cluster is specified, the Info entry point runs on local system(s) where the resource is online.

 To display usage for the resource command

To display usage for the command hares and its various options:

# hares [-help [-modify |-list]]