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Viewing logs

In the Manage tab view hierarchy, the following levels of views each have a logs tab on the secondary tab bar.

See The Manage tab, secondary tabs, and the view hierarchy.

The Logs tab takes you to a view of log entries about the individual object that you select.

 To navigate to the logs view for an object

  1. On the navigation bar, click Home.
  2. Navigate to one of the following views for a particular object:
  3. In the Object:Summary view, on the secondary tab bar, click Logs.

    Object is the type of the object that you selected. Each logs tab contains a search box and Search button so that you can quickly find the log entries that you want.

See Overview of the Cluster Management Console for information about navigating among views.

See Conducting a search.

  Note   Logs for clusters and service groups contain entries about only the object that you select. Entries for descendant objects are not included.