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Administering attributes

The Cluster Management Console enables you to edit the attributes of cluster objects (clusters, service groups, systems, resources, and resource types). Ensure that the cluster configuration is open (in read/write mode) before editing attributes. Attributes for an object are available in any object summary view, such as the Cluster:Summary view or the Resource:Summary view. After navigating to an object summary view, click the Attributes tab on the secondary tab bar.

Changes to certain attributes, such as a webip attribute, may involve taking the service group offline, modifying the configuration file, and bringing the group back online.

 To edit an attribute

  1. Navigate to an Object:Summary view for the object with the attributes you want to edit.

    See Overview of the Cluster Management Console for information about navigating among views in the view hierarchy.

  2. In the Object:Summary view, on the secondary tab bar, click Attributes.
  3. In the All attributes table, click the ... (edit) button for the attribute you want to edit.
  4. In the Edit Attribute dialog box, specify the following attribute details and then click OK: